[MediaWiki-l] Is namespace specific CSS possible?

Evans, Richard K. (GRC-H000) richard.k.evans at nasa.gov
Wed Aug 2 22:28:42 UTC 2017

Hi Stephan, ... Ah! .. that worked very well. Fabulous. Thank you! I'm not sure what my earlier issue was.

So..  if I wanted that background image to only appear on, say, Namespace ID=4012, what would I edit it as?

The code:

.ns-4012 body.mediawiki {background-image: url(https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/mvHbePT-FyB8YpsjecAdCSvK7XoqOcsa4rqpCksWUDZ1koC_2cOfzvt2QU6rPsk5Yuri=w300) !important;background-repeat: repeat;}

Does not do what I hoped it would. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!

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