[MediaWiki-l] wfLoadExtension Registration

Florian Schmidt florian.schmidt.welzow at t-online.de
Mon Apr 24 13:17:34 UTC 2017


If I haven't misunderstood you, it's totally fine doing this. In fact, ConfirmEdit uses this similar approach to load different CAPTCHA modules.


Betreff: [MediaWiki-l] wfLoadExtension Registration
Datum: 2017-04-24T14:51:51+0200
Von: "Tom Hutchison" <tom at hutch4.us>
An: "MediaWiki-l" <mediawiki-l at lists.wikimedia.org>

Hi all


Quick question, is there any downside to doing this:
wfLoadExtension('Foo/Bar'); ? It loads the extension and the extension works
as expected.


I wrote an extension for a project which another developer(s) set up with
custom extensions outside of the public www directory. They symlinked this
custom directory back to the public extension directory but all custom
extension are in their own directory. So /extensions has standard MW
extensions and /extensions/Foo contains all the custom extensions. All of
the custom extensions are called with require_once
'$IP/extensions/Foo/Bar01/Bar01.php" and so on. I know you can't do the
standard double entry method with a deprecated message unless you use the
"Foo/Bar" in the wfLoadExtension statement with the custom ones.


wfLoadExtension('Foo/Bar'); works but going forward I wonder about any long
term issues. Wiki is on 1.27 but worry about long term problems as the other
custom extensions are improved to use wfLoadExtension. There would be
multiple extensions which would require this type of call, Foo/Bar,
Foo/Bar1, Foo/Bar2, etc.





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