[MediaWiki-l] From https to http but i don't want

Jan Steinman Jan at EcoReality.org
Sun Apr 16 15:45:09 UTC 2017

> From: herve <herve at drivrsdu.fr>
> I'm in https. If I edit a page, I stay in https. But if I do "save 
> changes", I go to http !
> How is it possible to stay with https after a change in a page ?

That sounds like it may be a server configuration issue. What web server are you using? For Apache, you should have a single redirect in there that routes port 80 to port 443. If your server is listening to BOTH ports, you might see this sort of flip-flop behaviour.

Have you changed things in LocalSettings.php? If not, and your server is configured properly for HTTPS, then it should not flip to plain HTTP.

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