[MediaWiki-l] Introducing the MediaWiki Platform Team!

Jasmine Smith jassmith55 at outlook.com
Mon Apr 3 14:28:34 UTC 2017

Out of interest, will this 'platform team' only work to serve Wikimedia or the wider MediaWiki user community?

One of my vices with the WMF/mediawiki is that development is to benefit the WMF.

The WMF uses a number of extensions which are highly sought after by those wanting to set up their own wikis (SecurePoll, CentralAuth, Site Matrix, etc) but  provides no support for them, says they are only for WMF but released anyway, and unless you know PHP, those extensions are locked off. 

I don't feel like the WMFs goal to openly share knowledge applies in these cases, and development of MediaWiki isn't to support the wider community of users.

> On 3 Apr 2017, at 02:16 pm, "Chad" <innocentkiller at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 12:35 AM Jeroen De Dauw <jeroendedauw at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> This makes it sound like the MediaWiki codebase is pretty well designed.
>> That is in stark contrast to my view, which is that it is a typical big
>> ball of mud with serious pervasive issues too numerous to list. So I'm
>> curious how you arrived at your view.
> As opposed to Wikibase, which is a collection of well-designed components
> which nobody (outside of its development team) knows how they are held
> together to form a cohesive product. My guess has always been magic and/or
> prayers.
> Something something glass houses & stones.
> -Chad
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