[MediaWiki-l] File:DEC-VT420-0a.jpg doesn't fallover to wikipedia?

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Oct 5 05:48:52 UTC 2016


I had this working on my old hosting provider, but now this isn't
working on my new hosting provider.  It's probably related to another
default value in DefaultSettings.php changing in the new environment
and requiring me to explicitly set something in LocalSettings.php.
I tried googling for this, but didn't come up with anything obvious.

Here is the link on wikipedia:

This page contains an image gallery that uses the following markup.

File:DEC VT420 221320484947-1.jpg
File:DEC VT420 221320484947-2.jpg
File:DEC VT420 221320484947-3.jpg
File:DEC VT420 221320484947-4.jpg
File:DEC VT420 221320484947-5.jpg
File:DEC VT420 141354243612-1.jpg
File:DEC VT420 141354243612-2.jpg
File:DEC VT420 141354243612-3.jpg
File:DEC VT420 141354243612-4.jpg

The 2nd line is the file on wikipedia.  I had this working before, but I
can't remember what I did to set it up.  I do have an interwiki link
setup for the wikipedia: prefix, but that wasn't needed when I set
this up before.  I've only been using that for linking to pages
explicitly on WP.

Any ideas?
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