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I'm not sure I understand the context of your question (since I don't have the skin in question), but here's some partial answers (using different extensions):

1. Extension: SocialProfile has an avatar system build into it along with some "friend" functions. (I find the extension to be very dated compared to modern social networking sites, but some like it)
2. You could Semantic Mediawiki &/or the Cargo extensions to store a photo inside a user profile template as the "avatar" photo. Using Semantic Forms you could "upload" the photo directly to the spot on the page you want (my understanding is the VisualEditor has this ability starting with 1.27 up). Both Semantic Mediawiki &/or the Cargo extension have different methods you can use to query this avatar photo.

Anyways hopefully that helps. 

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> On Feb 21, 2016, at 7:23 PM, physicswiki <physicswiki at verizon.net> wrote:
> Just a quick question. I have the very impressive Metrolook recently installed on my website. I am wondering if there is a way or some work in progress to allow uploading a personalized thumbnail to the server for the user profile. I would like to put photos etc. there for the users.
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> John
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