[MediaWiki-l] A second, Duplicate Wiki

Dave Humphrey dave at uesp.net
Tue Feb 16 18:19:33 UTC 2016

Assuming you want to copy the database and images from "spw" to
"spw_public" you could do:

- Backup Database:
          mysqldump --opt -u username -p spw > spw,sql
- Copy Database:
          mysql -u username -p spw_public < spw.sql

Note that these assume your database names are "spw" and "spw_public". The
time this takes depends on the size of your database. For example, our 15GB
MediaWiki database takes about 15min to backup and 1 hour to restore.

For copying images you can do:
          rsync -av /path/to/spw/images/ /path/to/spw_public/images/

If you want an exact copy you can add the "--delete" option to rsync to
delete files in "spw_public/images" not found in "spw/images". If you don't
have many images being uploaded this should be pretty quick as it only
copies any new/updated image file.

On 16 February 2016 at 13:05, Ray Paseur <ray.paseur at armedia.com> wrote:

> I don't write these requirements, I just try to comply.
> We have two wiki installations named "spw" and "spw_public" that have
> slightly different PHP code sets.  They live in different URLs.  We want to
> make the display contents identical.  The "spw" can be edited; the
> "spw_public" is read-only.  These have separate underlying databases and
> images collections, etc.
> The "spw" will always be the canonical source.  The "spw_public" should
> look the same to site visitors, but it does not need to have any revision
> history.
> What would be a good way to "sync" them?  Is there a standard process for
> backing up and restoring a mediawiki installation, so that I could backup
> "spw" and restore it to "spw_public?"
> Thanks and regards, Ray
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