[MediaWiki-l] A second, Duplicate Wiki

Ray Paseur ray.paseur at armedia.com
Tue Feb 16 18:05:45 UTC 2016

I don't write these requirements, I just try to comply.

We have two wiki installations named "spw" and "spw_public" that have slightly different PHP code sets.  They live in different URLs.  We want to make the display contents identical.  The "spw" can be edited; the "spw_public" is read-only.  These have separate underlying databases and images collections, etc.

The "spw" will always be the canonical source.  The "spw_public" should look the same to site visitors, but it does not need to have any revision history.

What would be a good way to "sync" them?  Is there a standard process for backing up and restoring a mediawiki installation, so that I could backup "spw" and restore it to "spw_public?"

Thanks and regards, Ray

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