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Larry Martell larry.martell at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 12:42:26 UTC 2016

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 3:51 AM, Markus Krötzsch
<markus at semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> in general, the best place to ask SMW questions is the semediawiki-user
> mailing list. Quick answers below:

Thank you very much Markus for the reply. There is a lot of very
helpful info here. I have moved this discussion over to that list. I
hope you are on that list too and can continue to help me.

> On 11.02.2016 04:16, Larry Martell wrote:
>> I am a total newbie with SMW, and I've inherited a system that no one
>> knows any details about.
>> I have a few questions:
>> How can I find out what and where the database behind the SMW is? I
>> would think there is a config file somewhere, but I can't find it.
> The data is stored in the database you have configured for your wiki. The
> config file where this is defined is LocalSettings.php. You can
> (additionally) store it in an RDF database if you wish (for this, you need
> to install such a database management system and add some config options;
> see SMW documentation).
>> When I look at a page with browsebysubject I see a type associated
>> with the data, e.g.:
>> {u'property': u'HasSide', u'dataitem': [{u'item': u'Left', u'type': 2}]}
>> {u'property': u'HasReferenceDataset', u'dataitem': [{u'item':
>> u'RefData, u'type': 9}]}
>> What do these types mean?
> This is probably not relevant to what you want to do.
>> I have been asked to edit 1000's of pages to remove 2 fields and add a
>> new field.
> Take a look at the extension ReplaceText. It can probably do this for you.
>> To do this with the API would I get the data with
>> browsebysubject and modify that dict? But then how would I write that
>> back?
>> Or would I get the raw data with index.php?action=raw, modify that,
>> and then write it back with edit
>> (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Edit)
> An easier way to modify page texts in a one-time operation might be to
> export the text using Special:Export, modify the resulting XML file with any
> tool you like, and then re-import the file. Won't work well if your wiki is
> edited by many people, but if you have the modification script ready you
> could do this in a few minutes, which is good enough on a relatively static
> site.
> Whatever method you pick, changing the page text in one or the other way it
> the right way of changing SMW data. SMW's primary data storage is the page
> text, so you do not need to worry about any specific database related to
> SMW: the extension will make sure that its contents is updated to agree with
> the page text. *Never* edit SMW's database tables directly. Your changes
> will be lost as soon as the wiki pages are edited next time.

I am wondering why the changes I made are not being seen on the pages.
I do see my changes when I export the pages but not when viewing them.

For example, before, a page had this:


and I changed it to this:

|Side Type=Right Foo

But on the page I see this:


With no data after the field names (whereas before the data was shown
after each field name).

I made those changes by pulling the raw data and writing it back with edit.

Then I tried the export/import method, but when I tried to import the
modified page, I got "No revisions imported (all were either already
present, or skipped due to errors)."

I did make changes, so there must have been errors. How could I see
what those errors are?

Also I changed the form from this:

! Type:
| {{{field|Type}}}
! Side:
| {{{field|Side}}}

To this:

! Side Type:
| {{{field|Side Type}}}

But that is not reflected in the pages either.

What am I missing here?


> This is also why SMW does not have a direct API to write data. Data must be
> stored in wiki pages, and there is no good way to change an arbitrary page
> (with all the complexities of MediaWiki: templates, parser functions, LUA
> code, etc.) so that it will lead to a specific data being stored. It would
> be easy enough to add some data (in hidden mark-up at the bottom of a page),
> but modifying existing data will not work in general -- you need to know how
> your templates work for knowing how to change the contents to get the result
> you want.

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