[MediaWiki-l] testing mediawiki 1.27 issues

physicswiki physicswiki at verizon.net
Wed Feb 10 01:13:24 UTC 2016

OK I finally got the Mediawiki1.27 working. Site seems to be functioning 
but the mainpage and all others have the Navigation pane located at the 
bottom of the content instead of login etc. at the top and navigation 
items along the side. I only have the Vector skin and made no 
alterations from what I took from my old working site. the Database is 
the same not even a restore but the same, only updated. I also have 
installed and successfully have Php7 on the system. Most of the Lua bugs 
disappeared, which was what I was after. Along with a phenomenal speed 
increase from the upgraded Php. Also the custom logo has not shown up on 
the site. I did put it where the system set up said. The entire site is 
manually installed and updated. I downloaded a nightly of the master and 
after a few days of tweaking, head scratching, and installing composer 
(also from scratch) it is running well. This is my first time to do it 
this way. Any tips about what or where I might look for what is causing 
the misplaced Navigation pane, please advise.

 From the PhysicsWiki Staff!!

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