[MediaWiki-l] Permanently remove old revisions and unused files?

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 23:52:45 UTC 2016

On 09/02/16 15:31, Mickey Feldman wrote:
> The wiki is now about 10 GB. It does compress to about 1 GB. Although
> text pages are saved as their differences,

Not exactly. Only if you run a maintenance script, which you probably 

> as far as I know new versions of images are saved in their entirety.


> I want to do a daily off-site backup. This wiki is on a shared virtual
> host without command line access, thus no ability to use rsync over ssh,
> which would allow only the changes to be moved. An entire image of the
> system needs to be saved so that it can be restored fairly painlessly. I
> want to shrink this as much as possible, since I am already running into
> problems with the archiving of the system on the host due to size. For
> example, I have had to compress each branch of the images folder
> individually - gzipping it into a single archive fails, despite the
> hosting company having bumped timeouts and memory allowances.
> Moving to a host with complete command line access might be a solution,
> but currently the hosting company deals with security issues (beyond
> allowing only authorized users to log in of course). If we go to
> something like rackspace, then security becomes our problem, and I don't
> pretend to have sufficient expertise in that.
> Suggestions and alternatives welcome.

If you are at the point of wanting to remove old revisions in order to 
have a small backup size, you could as well filter it to only include 
new revisions.

Seems like the wrong solution, though. I don't think the size of your 
old revisions will be significative in the whole backup size.

I would check if rsync binary is installed, even if you don't have 
command line access. You could have a cron (or launch from a web pageā€¦ 
if there's no other way) the rsync that copies the changes to the other 
Just note that should your main site be compromised, you do not want 
your backup to be deleted through that path. Not that different from 
ensuring that if your files were corrupted (on purpose?) your backup 
won't be copying those changes before you notice, though.

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