[MediaWiki-l] php update.php

Legault, Phillip [ITSUS] PLEGAULT at ITS.JNJ.COM
Thu Oct 29 15:06:06 UTC 2015

I have a sandbox server where I test new releases of MW and SMW, when everything is good I move them into my puppet environment to push through development staging and production sites.

I'm trying to push 1.25.3 to my development and when I run php update.php I get the following

#-> php maintenance/update.php
MediaWiki 1.25.3 Updater

mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki: 2.2.3 installed, ~2.2 required.
mediawiki/semantic-result-formats: 2.3 installed, ~2.1  required.
mediawiki/semantic-extra-special-properties: 1.3.1 installed, ~1.3 required.
mediawiki/chameleon-skin: 1.1.4 installed, ~1.1 required.
BorderCloud/SPARQL: not installed, * required.
mediawiki/semantic-glossary: 1.1.2 installed, * required.
mediawiki/lingo: 1.2.0 installed, * required.
Error: your composer.lock file is not up to date, run "composer update" to install newer dependencies
[root at development:/var/www/mediawiki/mw]#

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