[MediaWiki-l] Help debugging CirrusSearch problems?

Daniel Barrett danb at cimpress.com
Wed Oct 14 14:18:21 UTC 2015

David Causse writes:
>Could you try to add &cirrusUseAllFields=no to the search results URL and see if it affects the ranking?
>The URL should be : 

Yes, that helped a lot!! Thank you!!

>Another test you could try is to disable rescore... (&cirrusFunctionWindow=1&cirrusPhraseWindow=1)

I tried that alone (without changing cirrusUseAllFields), and it produced very relevant results but appeared to downrank the main namespace. So the top hits were all in the File namespace, the Template namespace, etc.

Then I tried it together with cirrusUseAllFields=no, and the results were not as good as cirrusUseAllFields alone.

Thank you so much. I wouldn't have found this on my own.

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