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Legault, Phillip [ITSUS] PLEGAULT at ITS.JNJ.COM
Mon Oct 12 11:56:23 UTC 2015

Microsoft's Endpoint protection.

I have 3 other environments and that do not have this issue.

Everything is the same except the version

My production environment is

Product                Version

MediaWiki          1.23.8

PHP        5.4.16 (apache2handler)

MySQL  5.6.19-log

This is the version that is giving me the issue

Product                Version

MediaWiki          1.25.2

PHP        5.4.40 (apache2handler)

MySQL  5.6.19-log

I have deleted everything and dropped and re-created the database.

Thank you

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Are you using an antivirus program,  or safety-enhancing browser extensions, and which ones? This sounds like something an over-eager one would do.


Matma Rex


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