[MediaWiki-l] request for a development script to run only a specific test through browser

dinar qurbanov qdinar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 20:05:19 UTC 2015

hello. i am making tatar script converter. i have made tests now and
it has become easier to work. i am saying about test in
\mediawiki\tests\phpunit\languages\classes\ . i am working in windows.
i open command line window in \mediawiki\tests\phpunit\ , and type
"chcp 65001" and "C:\xampp\php\php-cgi.exe phpunit.php languages", and
test runs, but there are some disadvantages:
1) i count till 40 before test completes and my test is only a little
dot among nearly 1000 dots here.
2) and some letters are not shown (only squares, ie they have not
fonts in lucida console font).
i would like if somebody writes a script to run my test from browser
window. i think i can make such test.php, but i cannot reuse the
already made class for tatar language, can only copy tests between the
class and my script manually.
3) and also i will need to make diff as it works in the test.
i think i can do that after some time of learning of the test scripts,
but maybe somebody can make that easily.

( https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T114878 )

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