[MediaWiki-l] Consensus on update process?

Frank Baxmann service at frankbaxmann.de
Wed Dec 30 15:56:03 UTC 2015

Yes, but with older versions you may get server problems.
Meaning newer version (MW and extensions) may need newer
DB, PHP and so on. So sometimes this will not work.

Similar if you just try to copy an installation from an old
server to a new one without updating the MW.
Things like this gave me often occasion to cuss in the past.
And I'm extension developer....

Greetings and happy new year.

On 30.12.2015 16:41, Bartosz DziewoƄski wrote:
> Nobody implemented an automated updater so far, as far as I know, if 
> that's what you're asking.
> The standard method of updating your MediaWiki installation is still 
> to make a backup, then remove all MediaWiki files other than 
> LocalSettings.php and images/ and cache/ directories, upload in their 
> place all the files for the new version of MediaWiki and the 
> extensions and skins you use, then run the update.php maintenance 
> script or the web updater.
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Upgrading

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