[MediaWiki-l] 1. My wiki stopped working (Nomad of Norad)

Ray Paseur ray.paseur at armedia.com
Mon Dec 28 15:24:24 UTC 2015

This is just a guess, but I believe that MediaWiki uses the term "namespace" in a different way, when compared to PHP.



PHP introduced Namespaces at PHP 5.3+

Prior to that, the word "namespace" had no meaning in PHP.  It may be worth checking to see if your hosting provider upgraded PHP recently.

No trouble using PHP 5.4 and MW 1.21, or PHP 5.5 and MW 1.26 (these are my only two installations)

I'm a big fan of keeping the software as up-to-date as possible.  In the PHP world this means PHP 7+ but it also means breaking changes for some of the previously deprecated "features" from the dustbin of PHP.  Docs here:


PHP 5 is still supported at PHP 5.5+ or PHP 5.6+

HTH, Ray

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