[MediaWiki-l] My wiki stopped working

Nomad of Norad nomad-php at joshua-wopr.com
Mon Dec 28 08:34:07 UTC 2015

Okay, a few weeks ago my wiki stopped loading.  The version I've got 
installed there is ancient, but it was working fine until one day it 
wasn't.  At first the page was giving me indefinite load-times, 
sometimes followed by a 502 error (depending on what web browser I tried 
it on).  I conversed with someone at my webspace provider and they 
rolled the stored page info back a couple days, and now I instead get:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting T_STRING in 
on line 46

The web-address for my wiki is 

I haven't touched the system in ages, and the tech help person seemed to 
think nothing had been altered (updated under the hood, say) at their 
end recently either.  Any idea what's wrong?

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