[MediaWiki-l] Captcha for registration? Email required at registration?

Sven Seiffert SvenSeiffert at gmx.net
Mon Dec 21 10:27:43 UTC 2015

Hi Josh

QuestyCaptcha (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:QuestyCaptcha) 
should enable you to add a captcha at the registration stage. The 
extension allows you to define a question (e.g. write out the numbers 1 
2 3 leaving no spaces) and associated answer (e.g. onetwothree).

I have found the catpcha very successful in preventing the automated 
creation of user accounts.

Hope this is of help


On 20/12/15 23:45, Josh King wrote:
> Hi all,
> Two questions here:
>     1. Anyone know of an extension that adds a captcha (or similar) to the
>     registration page? I've found plenty that work on edits, but none to
>     prevent the initial spam account creation.
>     2. Anyone know how to require email upon registration? I know there's
>     the confirm-to-edit configuration I could use which would make this happen,
>     but I feel like I should be able to require email at registering while
>     still leaving edits open to anonymous users.
> Thanks. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
> -Josh
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