[MediaWiki-l] MediaWiki-l Digest, Vol 147, Issue 21

David Shaw david.shaw.x23 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 18:26:54 UTC 2015

Requirements: a simple installer and a one click maintainer for all!

Every legacy software reaches a dead end without its adherents noticing.

In the case of Drupal and WordPress, both decided they had to make an
architectural break with the past, with Drupal 8 and WordPress Calypso

WordPress has leaped Drupal by implementing a full node.js REST model, but
it had the advantage of the Ghost fork that did this several years ago.
Drupal is a step behind, they decided structured content was more important
and were late to the JSON game. Their Rest is a bit of an add-on layer.

For MW, one possibility is to add a MEAN stack in front for content
delivery. Use angular to develop a fully responsive/adaptive Web

Use the legacy code for authoring and content management. Add a REST layer
to dump content into Mongo at the front end.

Over time, convert the back end to Javascript.


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