[MediaWiki-l] [SemanticForms] Form Rendering Order for Embedded Templates

Tobias Oetterer oetterer at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Dec 8 05:35:27 UTC 2015

Hey Ed

I think I had a similar problem. Try putting in a "multiple" in your template call "{{{for template|B|embed in field=A[bbb]}}}", that should work. You can use minimum instances=1 and maximum instances=1 to make sure, it only generates one instance.

Manual says: "holds template - Specifies that this field is meant to hold a multiple-instance template,[..]"


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Hi everyone,

I have a form that uses 3 templates A, B, and C.  Template A is a wrapper that brings B (single instance) and C (multi instance) together.  No matter what I do C(m) always show at the top and B at the bottom.  Is there a way that I can have B at the top and C(m) at the bottom?

BTW, the template presentation is fine and the template calls on the page are fine.  The issue is with the input form.

This is how the form is defined:

    {{{for template|A}}}
    {{{field|bbb|holds template}}}
    {{{field|ccc|holds template}}}
    {{{end template}}}

    {{{for template|B|embed in field=A[bbb]}}}
    {| class="formtable"
    ! B1:
    | {{{field|b1}}}
    ! B2:
    | {{{field|b2}}}
    {{{end template}}}

    {{{for template|C|multiple|embed in field=A[ccc]}}}
    {| class="formtable"
    {{{end template}}}

This is how the input form is rendered:

     input fields for C[1]
     input fields for C[2]
     input fields for C[3]
     input fields for B

This is how I would like it to be rendered:

     input fields for B
     input fields for C[1]
     input fields for C[2]
     input fields for C[3]

Is that possible?

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