[MediaWiki-l] What PHP version do you use? (Chris Koerner)

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Just wanna say that it's unfair to group Composer into that. I understand the difficult of multi-platform support (specifically throwing node.js and other things into the mix), but Composer is just, at it's base, a PHP file manager.

Any extension that can "only be installed with Composer", can actually be installed without Composer. You can manually copy the extension files into the proper location, or you can even just run Composer locally and then upload the result. (I'm pretty sure we have a tool that gives you a pre-packaged tarball.) It's significantly better than other PHP solutions like PEAR.

Tyler Romeo

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I fully agree with David Shaw.
I just posted the following:

Why, oh why is this environment getting so complex for users who have no
> terminal access to their server? Or am I the only one?
> Many extensions can only be installed via Composer. VisualEditor requires
> Parsoid. And so on. It's made impossible for us to stay up to date. Maybe
> users like myself are just a minority, but it is still a pity. Especially
> so because up to a year ago it all seemed so promising.
Kind regards,


On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 5:14 PM, David Shaw <david.shaw.x23 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I concur with those who mention the difficulty of upgrading. I'm running
> MW 1.26.0 in a single-click installation on AWS.
> Other products I use -- including open source -- have a graceful and
> online update process.
> MW is built by developers for developers. I'm not a developer and every
> time I upgrade I'm scared. It's a fraught exercise.
> I have a few things that don't work, and I have no idea why. For
> example, file uploads stopped working somewhere along the way but I
> don't know when exactly. I didn't change file permissions; although I've
> fiddled with them endlessly since. I suspect it's something in the base
> AWS stack, but what? [Permissions seem to be an area of discussion with
> different falvours of Linux.]
> I would like to install Parsoid (why isn't it in the base install?) but
> nobody can offer insight into how to install it at docroot when you only
> have docroot access. I hired a Linux pro to help with that one and he
> threw his hands up. [Installation is easy, but how do you start it up
> automatically?]
> Why is the mobile frontend an add-on and not the default? It's 2015...
> Quite a few extensions have gone to a DevOps approach of continuous
> development and release, but how do I know when to update them? There is
> no online notifiction.
> All of these and more point to the legacy and Dev nature of MW.
> David
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