[MediaWiki-l] PHP-error from code of master-source?

Katharina Wolkwitz wolkwitz at fh-swf.de
Wed Oct 22 11:44:52 UTC 2014

Hi again,

now it works. Thanks for pointing me to the correct page for getting all the
source-code. Not being a programmer when I went to the normal source-code I
didn't have the right understanding to see that I needed the additional function
as well. ;-)


Am 21.10.2014 um 18:06 schrieb Bartosz DziewoƄski:
> I don't entirely understand your problem.
> On master, this part of code reads:
> 		$url = preg_replace_callback( '/[\][<>"\\x00-\\x20\\x7F\|]/',
> 			array( __CLASS__, 'cleanUrlCallback' ), $url );
> And Sanitizer::cleanUrlCallback most definitely is a valid function,  
> defined a few lines below:
> 	static function cleanUrlCallback( $matches ) {
> 		return urlencode( $matches[0] );
> 	}
> If you patches that part of code in older MediaWiki with the version from  
> master, you must also copy the function for it to have a chance of  
> working. This code was last touched in 2011:  
> http://mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/85421

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