[MediaWiki-l] Trouble seeing page text

Tommy Pollak tpollak at algonet.se
Fri Nov 14 13:47:48 UTC 2014

My MediaWiki does now not show anything on the Read tab, switching to
the Edit tab shows the correct content. Neither Preview nor Save shows

I do not have any clue where to start debugging. I believe everything
worked well before I upgraded my system to Ubunty 14.10.

The wiki is only usedon my LAN behind a router and a firewall.

I would be happy for any ideas.

Ubunty 14.10
Version is 1.20.2
PHP 5.5.12
MySQL 5.5.40

Tommy Pollák
Wiboms v 12, 2 tr Phone +46 8 27 24 27
S-171 60  SOLNA

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