[MediaWiki-l] extension FreeMind

Frank Baxmann service at frankbaxmann.de
Fri Nov 7 14:55:06 UTC 2014


I try to get extension FreeMind working 
Runs fine with the updates Gutesork made 2 days ago. But there is still 
the uploading problem:

During upload I get the error message:

*    This file contains HTML or script code that may be erroneously 
interpreted by a web browser.*

There is a workaround:

1. You should always be able to successfully upload a one node default 
mindmap. Call this the placeholder.
2. Use locate to discover the directory where Mediawiki stored the 
3. Copy the complex mindmap you really want to see in your Mediawiki to 
that directory.
4. Overwrite the simple placeholder file with the complex file by using 
the exact name of the placeholder.

The workaround is working, but it's not a solution. Has anyone an idea, 
how to implement a working upload for "mm" files?


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