[MediaWiki-l] Questions regarding MediaWiki instance

Joe Malin jmalin at exou.com
Tue Nov 4 00:10:04 UTC 2014


I'm working on a test installation of MediaWiki 1.23.6-0 for OS X (Yosemite), based on an install package I downloaded from Bitnami.

I have 2 questions regarding my installation:

  1.  Why can't I edit my own MediaWiki: and Special: namespace pages using my login ID? I'm using my original login that has the bureaucrat role.
  2.  How do I get a larger font size for the edit box when I edit a page? I have tried to change my CSS, but I suspect that I'm not using the correct selector.


Joe Malin

Joe Malin
Senior Technical Writer
EXO U, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, USA
jmalin at exou.com

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