[MediaWiki-l] Google Code-in: First week achievements!

Andre Klapper aklapper at wikimedia.org
Tue Dec 9 17:00:00 UTC 2014

Google Code-in (GCI) has been running for only one week and students
have already resolved 35 Wikimedia tasks!

Some of the achievements:
      * Citoid offers export in BibTeX format (and more contributions)
      * Analytics' Dashiki has a mobile-friendlier view
      * Echo's badge label text has better readability; Echo uses the
        standard gear icon for preferences
      * Wikidata's Wikibase API modules use i18n for help/docs
      * Two MW extensions got patches to not use deprecated i18n
      * MW displays an error when trying to create a self-redirect
      * The sidebar group separator in MW's Installer looks like in
      * Our Phabricator docs have video screencasts and an updated "Bug
        report life cycle" diagram
      * Huggle's on-wiki docs were updated; exceptions received cleanup
      * Pywikibot's replicate_wiki supports global args; optparse was
        replaced by argparse
      * Reasons for MW sites listed as defunct on WikiApiary were
      * We got logo proposals for the European Wikimedia Hackathon 2015
      * ...and many more.

Sounds good? Then please spend 5 minutes to go through your tasks and
identify simple tasks to allow more young people contribute!

Got an idea for a task? Become a mentor for that task! And spread the
word to other community members who might be good mentors! Read
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Google_Code-in_2014#Mentors.27_corner and
please contact me if you need help.

Thank you!
Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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