[MediaWiki-l] Need Suggestions: User session "basket" holds favorite pages; basket items used to populate form dropdowns

Al Johnson alj62888 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 16 03:12:31 UTC 2013

X-posted since this touches many areas.

Dear Wiki Gurus,

Generally speaking, I need something akin to a shopping cart to hold items the user chooses and which items can be accessed in forms later.

Specifically, on my SMW site, the items would be favorite pages a visitor needs to save for later by clicking a button "Add to favorites".  The items must be saved in the user session (to support anons).  Later, on a semantic form, a multi-valued input can be populated with all of the items (page names) in the user's basket.  Additionally, the user would need to be able to see a page of all of their favorites and be allowed to clear the list if desired.

I think this functionality could be quite useful in the semantic world since it can be one more step towards making form input easier as well as just being a general basket of things for any use.  The items can be pages or properties or property values or even query results.  But, as a start, a basket of page names is all I require.

Are there any suggestions on what mix of stuff (extensions, widgets, hacks, etc.) to use to implement something like this?  

Thank you,

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