[MediaWiki-l] Multilanguage Wiki - can it default to the english version of the (say) french does not exist?

Mike Papper bodaro at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 23:46:50 UTC 2013

Is this possible with Mediawiki and some extensions:

For example, consider a user who prefers french content...types in this: www.host.com/page/Integration

-ideally the URL path for a given page stays the same (as displayed in the browser) - to avoid a redirect 
-system checks users preferred language (say by ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header) - in this case its 'fr'
-wiki looks up french version of the given page, if it exists it displays that content 
-if the french doesnt exist, it displays the english content
-user would type the page name appended with /fr to force-edit the french version (to create it)
-skin would still use users language for localized content for the layout (non-media wiki parts like header, footer, side navigation menu etc.)

Similar BUT NOT THE SAME as the Extension:Multilang, Extension:LanguageSelector, Extension:Polyglot, Extension:AutoLanguage extensions I see out there.

Is this possible to "fight" the wiki in bringing up a default page when one does not exist (instead of the mediawiki built-in behavior to bring up the page allowing the user to create it).

Any ideas welcome!

Mike Papper

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