[MediaWiki-l] Importance of users table user_name database column in display of User Name

Mike Papper bodaro at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 19:03:29 UTC 2013

Hi, I want to use numeric IDs for the user_name column in the users table. Im wondering how this will affect the display of that user's name on various pages and places (such as the URL for their page and their talk page, for the display of their name in the edit history for a page etc.).

I want to do this as part of a SSO (single sign on) system - where the common (unchanging) ID amongst the various systems is only a numeric ID.

Anyone know how using a numeric ID will affect the display of the user's name on MediaWiki and if it will have any other ramifications?

For example, on this history page:

I see the authors name listed. Can I make sure hte NAME displayed uses user's user_real_name instead if user_name ??

The reason I cannot test this is because I write directly to the DB and refresh the history page but it shows the original username (before I edited the DB table). I dont have cachinbg so Im not sure why my direct DB edits dont chnage the displkay of the history page.

Also, in our current DB I see entries for user_name that look 'like' this:

Userabc Lastdef (Userabc Lastdef) 
Userabc Lastdef (8/8/2007 14:37)

Can someone explain the parenthesis - Im guessing its placed by MediaWiki because of a duplicate, but maybe its our custom Auth code that did that?


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