[MediaWiki-l] Third-Party Users Wish List - Does Anyone Know of Existing/Experimental Solutions?

Clément Dietschy clement at seizam.com
Mon Jan 28 20:13:22 UTC 2013

> 2. Integrated access control

We've developed a rather reliable way for artists to control
read/edit/upload rights on their own page/files. Although the code is
not ready for forking, I haven't seen such advanced feature for MW yet
and it's at least a proof of concept. Note that only the page content
and the files are safely protected, logs (recent changes, histories,
search, edit summaries...) cannot be trusted yet.

* Demonstration on Vimeo

* Extension:ProtectOwn (brings "read right", and "owner" access
control. /!\ ugly, should be broken down)

* Note: Extension:ProtectOwn comes from Extension:AuthorProtect

* Extension:WikiPlace (our concept of private space, could be broken down)

* What is a WikiPlace?

The reason why there is no page on MW.org and the code is not on WM's
git is because we don't have the resources to refactor and clean it
(as it should be done to avoid thousands of headaches). Sorry about
that, but it is GPL3 and we're eager to help whoever wants to test it,
use it and/or bring it forward.

> 6. An easy way to share wiki content on social media services.

Our Extension:WidgetsFramework allows easy embedding of external
content in the wiki, including social features. Already available
widgets are AddThis, Google+, Facebook, twitter...
Demonstration on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/57689952
MW.org: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WidgetsFramework
Code on Github:

Again, code is not on MW's git because of lacking resources. Again, sorry.

Hope all this can be helpful.

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