[MediaWiki-l] Third-Party Users Wish List - Does Anyone Know of Existing/Experimental Solutions?

Chris Steipp csteipp at wikimedia.org
Mon Jan 28 18:15:38 UTC 2013

Maria, I found your list to be very helpful. Thanks for putting that together!

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 8:26 AM, Yury Katkov <katkov.juriy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Maria! Let me clarify the situation about access control. There are
> several dozens of ways (!) to get the information of a wiki page - and
> that's only in the core! And what's about extensions? Each of them is
> responsible for access control by itself, therefore each of them provides
> another couple of ways to access any content you want. I'm pretty sure that
> now it's impossible to create a reliable (the one you can store your credit
> card number) Access Control extension without hacking and patching the core
> - and aftyer that some ways to get the data still remains. The WMF position
> here is the following: "if you need access control, if you want to hide
> some stuff from some groups of users - get out of here and choose another
> wiki engine." If you're asking us about our problems - here is one of the
> most depressing problem of all.

>From my personal perspective (not speaking as a WMF representative), I
don't think it would be too much work to support some level of access
control in core-- at least standardizing how read access is checked,
and then making sure it's checked for each read. Defining the
granularity, making sure there's community consensus on it, and
auditing extensions for compliance (and somehow marking those
extensions as compliant) would take some work. But we already
essentially do this for edit access ("blocked users should not be able
to edit" is one of our access control policies, and we do a pretty
good job of enforcing it throughout the code). Also, auditing access
to make sure that policy is being followed would take some work, but
is probably not insurmountable as an option in core or an extension.

However, making sure that all core and extension developers are on
board with the same idea of what policy should be followed so that
code from now on complies with whatever policy is chosen is going to
take a lot of training, persuasion, and could even prevent new
developers from getting involved if it's treated as more valuable than
their contributions.

So I think it's totally possible, but it's not (in my mind at least)
so much of a code or feature task as it is a culture and consensus of
policy problem. Which I think is a much more difficult problem to
solve, but I do hope I'm wrong about that.

>> > 11. Update to the documentation about creating a simple extension that is
>> > XSS safe.

This, however, I think I can make happen :)

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