[MediaWiki-l] Help Finding 3-rd Party MediaWiki Users and Suggestions What to Ask Them

Jan Steinman Jan at Bytesmiths.com
Fri Jan 11 20:51:47 UTC 2013

> From: Maria Miteva <mariya.miteva at gmail.com>
> I am failing to find any MediaWiki related
> information on Aruba.it or contact information where I reach them and ask.
> Could you tell me what you found to add them? I guess you had reasons.

I did not add Aruba.it, nor do I know anything about them. If the history says I added them, then perhaps there's a security issue of some sort to address.

I added:

> Also, even if you are not a very active consultant, you are welcome to
> participate in discussions as long as you have feedback you want to share.
> I will keep you updated!

Thanks. I didn't see any way on that page for someone to register if they didn't have a site to list.

> On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Jan Steinman <Jan at bytesmiths.com> wrote:
>> I've added a couple sites to your table that may be interesting. Feel free
>> to delete them if not.
>> I do MediaWiki consulting, but I don't push it too hard and don't have a
>> page touting that. It's mostly to web clients who want to do something that
>> I know MediaWiki is strong at.
>>> From: Mariya Nedelcheva Miteva <mariya.miteva at gmail.com>
>>> My current project is to compile a list of 3-rd party MediaWiki
>>> users...
>>> 1) If you know of any users that should be included in the list, I would
>>> appreciate any additions.
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