[MediaWiki-l] #switch not working

Al Johnson alj62888 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 05:55:26 UTC 2013

I seem to keep having various problems which all seem to be related to using 2-level deep transclusion with templates (like mentioned in the first post).  Now I'm getting other strange query errors that don't error-out but leave warnings on the page even though the properties and data seem fine otherwise.

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I created a new wiki instance where anyone can see this problem.  Here are the links to a page using the templates as well as the template links that reproduce this problem.  

Page showing the prob: 

Template pages:

I'll try to leave this server up for a while.


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On 30/12/12 22:47, Al Johnson wrote:
> Just a guess, but this switch statement is in a template that is 2-levels deep.  IOW, a page calls template 1 which calls template 2.  Would this cause a problem?  I've tried numerous examples and it works when it's the 1st template called, but not the second.
> Al

You should provide a minimal example of what it's not working: your
pages, what you expected and what you are getting.

#switch should function equally well no matter at what template level
you are calling it (as far as you have ParserFunctions extension
installed, of course!)

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