[MediaWiki-l] URL Being Sanitized?

Tom Hutchison tom at hutch4.us
Wed Jan 9 05:38:36 UTC 2013

Thanks Theirry

Good tutorial for newbies on how article titles are parsed by Mediawiki 
and basic URL encoding.  I'm pretty well versed in all the mechanics of 
Rewriting, and URL encoding and the use of ?, &, Mediawiki, etc.

I am now convinced the problem I'm having seems to be with the host, 
their Apache and the Nginx / Varnish server conf file.  I think their 
nginx.conf file is missing some directives.  I am passing the title as 
'How_Are_You%3F_I_hope_OK', but for some reason, Nginx is 
rewriting/passing %3F as a ? which is causing the issue.  It should be 
writing/passing the URL exactly as %3F, but it is and it isn't. In the 
browser address bar it shows %3F, but it must be passing it as a ? to 
Mediawiki's parser.  Using web-sniffer, I can verify with every HTTP 
request, the %3F is being passed in, but not back out.

I know nothing about Nginx and at this time have no desire to learn 
about it.  All experiences with it have been negative with nothing but 
problems.  On a positive note, I noticed the HTTP headers were finally 
corrected by the host!  Only took a year and a half to stop doubling the 
Content-Length in the header which was crashing my bot.  I feel like 
this host is trying to squeeze everything it can out of this shared 
server... but it is slow and laggy, it's embarrassing.

I'll go back to beating my drum (going on 2 years) with this .org, New 
Host, immediately if not sooner.


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