[MediaWiki-l] URL Being Sanitized?

Tom Hutchison tom at hutch4.us
Tue Jan 8 20:16:27 UTC 2013

UTF-8 is what I meant. Being a little dyslexic today.

Not making myself clear.  Trying again.

%3F is a special encoding specific to URL encoding and decoding. ascii 
nor UTF-8 should matter, it is a hexadecimal value and reserved, % 
escapes and the 3F is the value for aquestion mark.

What I am trying to figure out is:

does varbinary storage of the page title mean the title is passed 
differently than varchar in utf-8.  Looking at the value in the table I 
see a ? not the %3F.

This host is a major pain in the you know ....  They have such wacky 
configurationswith their servers. Maybe they have uri encoding/decoding 
off in eginx? No idea what the heck they are doing there.

If I request:


The page displays

What is the tallest building in the world

The '? Hint and not in NY' are not in the page title at the top.

No ?, no trailing words...theRead|Edit|View History|\/ tabs are all 
missing, just the Page and Discussion tabs exist.

If I create a page with


Everything appears normal until I go to view it and back to: What is the 
tallest building in the world, no ? or trailing text.


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