[MediaWiki-l] How to insert internal link that opens new tab?

Al Johnson alj62888 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 22:24:25 UTC 2013

Yeah, I saw that.  How hard would it be to write a little tag extension where I call whatever wiki code is usually used to parse "[[... ]]" to get an HTML anchor and add the "target='_blank'" myself?


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The easiest way to do it is
Not the best solution though as it modifies every external URL.


2013.01.07. 23:01:55 dátumon Al Johnson <alj62888 at yahoo.com> írta:

> Hello,
> I have a form with a link to the regular search page.  The user needs to click the link and then later return to the form page to finish filling it out.  I would rather them use a separate tab for the search rather than using the browsers 'Back' button which resets some of the form fields.
> Thanks,
> Al
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