[MediaWiki-l] Question regarding extensions to use for site security

Shirley Hicks shirley at velochicdesign.com
Thu Aug 15 00:06:00 UTC 2013

Good evening everyone,
First post from a newbie.

I'm relatively new to wikis, currently administering my second one ever on behalf of the Red Mountain Makers, http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org.
I just completed a rather large spam cleanup, caused by our failure to install security and anti-spam extensions.

Ended up doing it the way that specifically MediaWiki specifically advises against, editing the user and page tables, as the volume was really, really high.
The wiki database is now knocked back down to a reasonable size, but I'm wondering what extensions and tactics users of MediaWiki 1.19.7 find the most useful for controlling spam?

I've installed and configured the bad-behavior, SpamBlackList, ConfirmAccount, Nuke & UserAdmin extensions. The User Admin script is broken and I haven't yet started to trace that to see if I can fix it to work with this wiki version.

Advice? Ideas?

-- Shirley Hicks
shirley at velochicdesign.com

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