[Mediawiki-l] site mirror and master-slave question

chris chris at teslagovernment.com
Mon May 14 14:38:47 UTC 2012

I'm using mysql replication now for another application so I know what 
that's about.   But for rsync,  not sure what you mean about --delete 
the folder.
Would you suggest rsyncing the whole mediawiki folder ?  And I'm not 
sure what you mean about 'math changes'.

On 5/13/12 11:16 AM, Platonides wrote:
> On 12/05/12 18:23, David Gerard wrote:
>> I did a horrible deliberately-broken version of this. Wiki A was live,
>> wiki B was read-only. Every night, a cron job would export wiki A to
>> XML, and half an hour later another cron job would import said XML to
>> wiki B. I didn't copy images over, but I expect just rsyncing the
>> images/ folder would have worked. (If it doesn't, let me know.)
> A better approach would be to make site B database be a read-only slave
> of A. Then use the nighly job to rsync --delete the folder (first time
> it would have to copy everything, but then only images / math changes).
> I don't think rsyncing the images would have worked with your way, since
> you'd also need to importImages.php
> With the database replication, the rows in the image table are already
> there, so it's no problem.
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