[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki:Sidebar

Stip stipen.treublatt at gmx.net
Sun May 13 15:17:20 UTC 2012

Am 13.05.2012 17:04, schrieb Platonides:
> On 13/05/12 08:43, Stip wrote:
>> In 1.17., the following Code in MediaWiki:Sidebar worked as intended:
>> {{#ifeq: {{NAMESPACE}} | |
>> *Search for "{{PAGENAME}}"
>> **external link with PAGENAME as parameter
>> | }}
>> After upgrading to 1.19., it doesnt work anymore. Any advice how to fix it?
>> Greetings
>> Stip
> In which way it doesn't work?
> 1.17.4 seems to conditionally render the Search for "{{PAGENAME}}" but
> not to show the link.
In 1.17.0 it showed the searchlink, if the page you were viewing was in 
the article namespace.

Now it only shows "Search for "{{PAGENAME}}"" without showing the 
external link.

> As for getting the old behavior, change in Skin.php, function
> addToSidebar (line 1237) the wfMsgForContentNoTrans to wfMsgForContent
> (you shouldn't be doing these things, though What about hiding it with CSS?)
Thanks! The point of the whole thing is to have external links which 
look like this:
http://www.forum.de/search.php?keywords={{PAGENAME}}{{!}} Forum

So if you follow that link, it takes you to a searchpage of that forum 
with the name of the current article as searchparameter. To achieve 
that, I need PAGENAME to work in the sidebar. Is above solution the only 
one who does this?
As for hiding it with CSS: First, I have no clue how to do that, and 
second, if PAGENAME doesnt work in the sidebar, the whole concept does 
not work. Or am I wrong on that?

Thanks for the reply!

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