[Mediawiki-l] newbie question: connecting wiki to our CRM system

Ron Arts ron.arts at oneip.nl
Sat May 12 16:20:49 UTC 2012


We run a CRM system which holds ten of thousands of customers. It does not have a built-in wiki,
but I can add links to it, for example I can make the page header of a customer page to link
directly to our wiki, for example: if our customer's name would be ACME Corporation, I
can build an http link around it pointing to our wiki like this:

<a href="http://wiki.ourcompany.com/index.php/Customer_25653>ACME Corporation</a>

This worked. Some customers now have their own Wiki page. I used our customer number and
not the name, because customers' name sometimes change, and we have customers with the same name,
but which are in fact different companies.

But now in the Wiki I want to create an automatic list of all customers that have a wiki page.
I thought I could create a Category:Customer for this, but now the Category page shows a long list
of pages with names like Customer_25653, Customer_25956 etc, all shown under the letter 'C'

Now I'm stuck because there does not seem to be a way to change the displayed pagename in
the category page list.

I probably used the wrong solution. Is there a better solution?

Thanks for any pointers,
Ron Arts

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