[Mediawiki-l] why can't I copy-paste the "Template:Citation Needed" onto my own wiki?

kaare mikkelsen mikkelsen.kaare at gmail.com
Mon May 7 15:07:22 UTC 2012

Hi, when I try to use

{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ifsubst |<includeonly>{{subst:Unsubst|Citation needed|
date|{{{date|{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}}}}
|name={{{name|Citation needed}}}
|link=Wikipedia:Citation needed
|text=citation needed
|title=This claim needs references to reliable sources
|cat=[[Category:All articles with unsourced statements]]
|cat-date=Category:Articles with unsourced statements


which is copied directly from wikipedia, and which works perfectly in my
wikipedia sandbox, all I get at my own wiki is (in red):


We are using Mediawiki 1.17.0, if that makes any difference. I've tried
searching for various things on the mediawiki-wiki, but it all seems to be
standard commands?

I hope some one can clear it up :)


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