[Mediawiki-l] wiki auxiliary: for files you cannot upload to Mediawiki

Haim (Howard) Roman roman at jct.ac.il
Thu Mar 29 15:58:18 UTC 2012

There are file types that Mediawiki doesn't allow you to upload, including
Office (MS & Open) documents.  Therefore, we have what I call an
"auxiliary" storage, where people can download a copy via the web.
Currently, I simply move files to a UNIX web server via UNIX CLI (scp,
mkdir, chmod, etc.).  I'd like a simpler method; one that even our MS
sysadmins could use.

*Anyone have any suggestions? *

I was thinking of using our internal SVN repository for this.  We can
download via this repository's web interface, but cannot upload, update,
etc.  I've been playing with RapidSVN, and its easier than using CLI
commands, but I have not found it very intuitve (maybe because I'm not so
fluent in SVN terminology).
I think I prefer a web app to allow people to upload to the SVN via their

But, it doesn't have to be SVN, if I hear of something better.
Haim (Howard) Roman
Computer Center, Jerusalem College of Technology
Phone: 052-8-592-599 (6022 from within Machon Lev)

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