[Mediawiki-l] New Plugin for Extension:ConfirmEdit - RFC

nischay nahata nischayn22 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 16:48:53 UTC 2012

2012/3/19 Łukasz Garczewski <tor at wikia-inc.com>

> I admit that I am not up to date on the state of the art in captcha
> cracking and image recognition, but... Has it advanced so far recently that
> giving a bot a 25% chance of success (at 4 possible answers) is better than
> hoping it doesn't crack the image?
> Just sayin' ;)

Thanks for your reply.
I have taken this in consideration, But images take a lot of time to load
and sometimes
ReCaptcha images are difficult for even humans to read, also i18n in this
feature is pretty
simple using Translatewiki.net which I think will be difficult for images
(not sure).
About the 25%, if the attacks are too much than we can go for images, but
otherwise why trouble humans?

With Regards

Nischay Nahata
B.tech 3rd year
Department of Information Technology

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