[Mediawiki-l] New Plugin for Extension:ConfirmEdit - RFC

nischay nahata nischayn22 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 16:20:01 UTC 2012

I have made a Captcha plugin for ConfirmEdit called MCQ (Multiple Choice
Below is the usage of it

sample Captcha:

Pick the correct Option Number

We pray to 1.Time 1.God 3.Lion 4.Tomato ?

 Answer 2

Why Beneficial ?

* Bots don't have common sense

* No Images so loads faster

* Most Important - Good support for i18n

* Further plans to let the user just select the right option rather
than typing text

It is currently hosted on github at https://github.com/nischayn22/MCQCaptcha

This is my first Extension/Plugin so it may have many faults, my apologies
for that.
Please leave your comments
With Regards

Nischay Nahata
B.tech 3rd year
Department of Information Technology
IRC nick- nischayn22

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