[Mediawiki-l] How to get the language menu bar at the top of a page content, stoping the cascading subpage links?

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Mon Mar 5 14:21:20 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand how to replicate the code used by other wikis that returns the language menu bar at the top, or somewhere in, a page content.
I've made some tests trying to replicate some code get from Template:languages of other wiki using mediawiki.
Based on the assumption that a page is translated using the creation of a new page named with a slash "/" followed by the codelanguage (i.e: page/fr), I saw that adding a code into a Template:Languages page, and then putting into the content of a page the code {{Languages}}, is used by some of multilanguage wikis using mediawiki engine, to get a language bar menu.

Then I've tried to replicate the following code into a Template:languages page. This code returns links to language subpages. But it does not work completly.

[[{{{1|:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}|{{#language:en}}]] • 
[[{{{1|:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}}/ar|{{#language:fr}}]] • 

But I have 2 problems with this code:
PROBLEM 1: when we go to a page translated, the language bar menu still propose to go to the subpage of this translated page, instead of stopping this cascade logic. Exemple: the original page is in english. Its name is: PageInitialLanguage. We created a translation in french of this page, called, PageInitialLanguage/fr. Being on the original english version of the page, a link is proposed to the "french" version of the page. Clicking on it, we arrive on the french version of the page. BUT: on this french version, the language menu bar, proposes to go the the french subpage of the current french version page., etc ...

PROBLEM 2: when we are on the translated version of a page, the link to the original default language is not active. Exemple: when we go to the french version of an english page (english is the default language), then being on the french version, the link to the english version is not active.

How to solve this ?

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Objet : [Mediawiki-l] Re : je suis perdu: comment configurer mediawiki sous deux langues: [fr] et [en] ???
Hi David and all.

Thank you for your help.


1/ let's resume what I've understood, and which seems to be relevant for a "how to for beginner":

Howto to create a page which is the translation of an other page:

To translate a page, the normal way is: create a new page getting the exact name of the page to translate adding to the name a "/" and the language code name of the language we want to translate the page in.
If the name of the page to be translated is: MyPageInOriginalLanguage
And if the language in which I want to translate the page is: french
Then, the language code of french is: fr

And then I create a new page (if not exist yet) in which I will translate the content of MyPageInOriginalLanguage. I name this new page: 


Is that correct ?

2/ using what already exists on wikimedia foundations wiki sites:

quote:[david] "You can copy & paste in your wiki templates from MediaWiki.org or Meta
to use as links between pages in diferent languages."
Yep ! But which one ?
For exemple, I've already tried to copy Template:Language from meta, books or mediawiki, but it did not works. Something missed.
Then, if we had to say to somebody the minimum list of templates that should be replicated, what would be this minimum of list ?

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Objet : Re: [Mediawiki-l] je suis perdu: comment configurer mediawiki sous deux langues: [fr] et [en] ???

Hi, you can have a different wiki installation for each language or use
only one wiki for all together.
I supose that you prefer the second option.

A multilingual wiki is a normal installation of MediaWiki with a basic
language (i.e: English) and pages in other languages (i.e:French). 
As you say slash plus language code is used to indicate the version in
other language of one specific page. The name of the page must be the
same in the basic language.

You can copy & paste in your wiki templates from MediaWiki.org or Meta
to use as links between pages in diferent languages.

There are some things that you can automatize installing some extra
extensions. I recommend you to install Polyglot and Language selector
(as I said in a previous message in this list):
* Polyglot: it will redirect the user to the page in his language, if
exist, depending on his browser language (you must to identify the page
language using subpagenames /de /fr /es ...). There must to be a 'base
language' without subpagename. Attention: take the last SVN version of
Polyglot because the version in the snapshot don't works with Mw 1.18.
* LanguageSelector: the user can choose his navigation language, it
changes the interface language, and, combined with Polyglot, redirects
him to the page in the choosen language if exists, ignoring the browser


Using ParserFunctions you can also use conditionals to detect when a
page is translated or not.

I used some of this strategies in this bilingual (catalan/spanish)

El dc 29 de 02 de 2012 a les 18:41 +0000, en/na HiddenId va escriure:
> Bonjour,
> Je suis en train d'installer un site utilisant mediawiki.
> Je voudrais qu'il fonctionne pour des utilisateurs français et anglais, principalement.
> Je voudrais que pour chaque article paru, il soit possible de traduire l'article dans l'autre langue, et d'indiquer sur la page de l'article, un lien vers sa traduction.
> J'ai bien compris que le fait de créer une page en ajoutant un "slash" et le code de la langue, permet de réaliser la traduction de l'article.
> Exemple: Si la langue par défaut est l'anglais, alors Page1/fr permet de créer la traduction en français de Page1 écrite en anglais.
> J'ai bien compris qu'en plaçant manuellement un lien vers la page traduite, cela permet de cliquer sur ce lien et d'arriver sur la traduction de la page.
> Mais comment faire pour l'automatiser ? Est-il possible de récupérer les façons de faire du site meta-wiki ou du site mediawiki dans ce domaine du multilinguisme ? Et comment faire ?
> Les articles que j'ai lu là dessus, ne m'ont pas éclairé. Je ne comprends rien.
> L'installation de "translate" a échoué. Et je n'arrive pas à savoir quoi faire.
> Je ne comprends pas du tout les logiques "wiki farm" qui semblent pouvoir aider dans le domaine du multilinguisme.
> Bref, je suis perdu !
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