[Mediawiki-l] Page edit timestamps

Stephen Berg (Contractor) stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil
Mon Apr 30 13:02:52 UTC 2012

On 04/30/2012 07:14 AM, Steve VanSlyck wrote:
> Special:Watchlist?
That gives me the info but I was looking for something a little more 
flexible.  Like being able to insert a tag into a page that will get 
expanded out to a last update timestamp for a specific page.  That way I 
can include it in a table that contains other info as well.

Something like:

That would look up the last update timestamp for the "Page Title" wiki 
page and insert that timestamp.

I run some perl scripts to collect info from my systems on a regular 
basis, (software inventories, systems status etc), write out a text file 
in wiki formatting and then inject it into a local mediawiki install.  
If I could add a column in one of those pages that showed last update 
for the system's main wiki page I could quickly see if a system's page 
is not getting that automatic update.

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