[Mediawiki-l] About creating dialog like input tool for my wiki site

Frank Xu xu.925 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Wed Apr 25 17:38:38 UTC 2012

Thanks Jan.
That's the only two ways that I can find. But it seems that both ways 
are hard to step on due to the constrains.
The server is owned by IT but no one else is allowed to touch it.
I cannot even log onto that server, not even mention to manipulate files 
on that machine.

The semantic forms require the website to be a Semantic MediaWiki 
installation but the current one is not.

But I think we engineers are also working under heavy constrains to find 
a proper solution, right? Anyone has
a better idea?

On 4/25/2012 10:16 AM, Jan Steinman wrote:
>> From: Frank Xu<xu.925 at buckeyemail.osu.edu>
>> It's an easy job if I can load my php code to the server, unfortunately
>> I cannot. The IT department only allows me to edit via the wiki
>> interface but not access the server side.
> That's pretty heavy-handed.
> Can you run it from a workgroup server, or even your boss's desktop machine? Or does IT have the keys to ALL the computers?
> I'd think a machine on your LAN would be adequately firewalled to make IT feel better about it.
>> ... found semantic form extension and simpleform extension.
> Those would be my choices.
> See if your boss has enough "pull" to run a well-firewalled "development" server on your LAN for such things.
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