[Mediawiki-l] Extension:CollapseText doesn't play well with Extension:Cite

Ron Laufer gonzoron at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 24 23:46:37 UTC 2012

I have this page on my wiki, which is really long:

I tried to use CollapseText to shorten it:

It worked, except that all the footnotes provided by Cite are messed up in the collapsed text.  Instead of [1], for example, the link says:
"UNIQ4664b6b81ad36c2d-nowiki-00000003-QINU1UNIQ4664b6b81ad36c2d-nowiki-00000004-QINU"  which is substantially uglier.  The cite link still works, but it doesn't display as it should.

Any idea how to resolve this (or do something similar to what I want)?



Ron Laufer


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