[Mediawiki-l] Plus-character in file names prevent thumbnail creation

Gregor Hagedorn g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 12:36:30 UTC 2012

We cannot get thumbnails rendered for media file names that contain a
plus sign (+). The error we see is: "Error generating thumbnail - The
source file for the specified thumbnail does not exist." (but the
original file is there).

We found a web discussion of the problem, but without an solution. We
are using an Apache’s rewrite to process thumbs upon usage (rather
than at page saving time). Is this the culprit? The WMF/Commons have
solved it, but we cannot find a copy of the Apache rewrite WMF is
using (and the problem may be elsewhere anyways).

Has anyone encountered this problem and solved it?

Example Thumbnails that do not render:
* http://species-id.net/openmedia/File:Agrostis%2BMibora_sp_Sturm14.jpg
(fetched from commons)
* http://species-id.net/openmedia/File:Amphibienlaich_%2B_Larven_Plustest.jpg
(manually uploaded)

Technical details:
Our mediwiki $wgIllegalFileChars setting includes ":" and "&", no "+"
We use a debian 6 server with standard php, apache2, mysql and mediawiki 1.18.1.

Your  help is much appreciated!

Andreas and Gregor

Dr. G. Hagedorn
+49-(0)30-8304 2220 (work)
+49-(0)30-831 5785 (private)

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